What can MTRLOG do?

The MTRLOG drivers journal keeps an automatic record of where you drive. It is built to allow you to protect your drivers privacy whilst still collecting the necessary information for printing out full reports that meet the requirements of the tax authorities. Using some smart sensors and a little bit of magic, a single charge will last for up to 12000km making sure that you never miss a journey.

MTRLOG hardware

Small enough to place where you want and remain inconspicuous, big enough to pack in the power and features.

Battery powered and rechargeable with the supplied 12v to micro-USB charging cable.

With built in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), MTRLOG Pro searches for other BLE devices. Instant Driver ID!

MTRLOG Cloud Service


The MTRLOG Cloud service has a flexible report system that lets you export your reports in the format that you need them, when you need them.


  • PDF
  • Spreadsheet
  • CSV

Journey Details

All your journeys are displayed with detailed information such as device, vehicle, driver, start and stop address, date/time, start and stop mileage, distance, max/average speed, purpose, description and map!


  • Editable
  • Merge journeys
  • Bulk update


Want to see some interesting facts about your driving? The MTRLOG Cloud service provides you with Business vs Private count, Business vs Private mileage, which times of the day you drive most and which days you are covering the most distance. And we have more stats on the way!

Compliant with the tax authorities

Beautiful Maps

Choose from several different map tile providers to find the style that suits you best.

More Features

  • Connector.

    Optional Realtime

    Sign up for MTRLOG Realtime and you can see exactly where the device is at all times.

  • Connector.

    Fully automated

    The MTRLOG Pro device can be used in Classic mode (requires MTRLOG app) or automated mode where journeys are uploaded using the built-in SIM.

  • Connector.

    Start/Stop address

    Uses your journeys start and stop latitude/longitude to fetch detailed addresses.

  • Connector.

    Odometer matching

    Automatically matches your journeys start and stop distance to your vehicles mileage.

  • Connector.

    No installation

    Its as simple as taking it out the box and placing it in your vehicle.

  • Connector.


    If you use the MTRLOG Pro device with automatic upload, you will always be able to find your property. Just open the site or the app and see the devices last reported location.

  • Connector.

    Multiple users

    Can be used by as many different drivers as required at no extra cost.

  • Connector.

    Auto schedules

    Clever auto schedules let you set when your journeys should be marked as private, business or commute.

MTRLOG Pro has more features being added all the time. Get in touch if you have a question, feedback or an idea.