A drivers journal.

No Installation

Its as simple as taking it out the box and placing it in your vehicle. No installation required and up to 12000 km battery time on a single charge.

Optional Realtime

Want to be able to see your vehicles location in realtime? MTRLOG can do that too. This is an optional feature so if you prefer to keep things private, you can easily switch realtime capability off.

Driver ID Tags

MTRLOG automatically scans for nearby Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. This means that you can use any off-the-shelf BLE Tag as a driver identification method. Ideal for car pooling!

MTRLOG device front view
MTRLOG device top view

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Fully Automated

Choose between automatic uploads or if you prefer more control, you can upload your journeys manually when it suits you.


No-one wants to see their property stolen, but if it does happen, wouldn’t it be nice to inform the police quickly of its whereabouts? Using MTRLOG in realtime or automated mode allows you to use it to track anything.

Companion App

The MTRLOG companion smartphone app lets you keep your journal up to date with journey descriptions, purpose (business, private or commute) and other details. You can get your reports online or on the move.

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  • The MTRLOG device, app and web work very well together. It’s excellent that it logs every trip without needing to press anything. A fine product.Niclas Axelsson, ICA
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  • Everyone knows how important the drivers journal is – and how difficult it can be to keep a proper one. Here’s a small box that makes it easier.Erik Söderholm, automotorsport.se
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